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Asaro Inspiration

The name Asaro has been taken from Asaro River in Eastern Highland province in Papua New Guinea that is part of the Australasia eco-zone in the Pacific Ocean.

Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world with over 841 different languages listed there. Yet, culturally and geographically speaking it is the world's least explored with many undiscovered species of plants and animals existing within its boundaries. It is the mystery and magic of such unexplored destinations that inspired the creators of Asaro to set out in search of the unfamiliar to seduce and satisfy the human impulse to wander.

At Asaro we believe life without travel is like a canvas without colour. For us travel is an art through which our restlessness finds expression. Whatever impels us to travel be it the oracle, the pilgrimage, business, adventure, or the lust to explore the unfamiliar; it should never be routine. And Asaro promises to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. With Asaro you can go anywhere, everywhere and the red chair will be waiting for you. Since ancient times, voyagers have come back to tell the rest of us about how big and beautiful the world is and today a lot many of us can see it for ourselves. Be one of them. Embark on an unforgettable journey filled with choices with Asaro.

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01 Sep 2013
Asaro International Begins Operations in the MENA Region
Asaro International Begins Operations in the  MENA Region Combining a broad array of hospitality solutions, Asaro International began operations today with a soft launch in ...



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